Love our interiors?
We designed and built each one in our conversion shop, and we’d love to build one for you!

Our goal is to make every build a fun, exciting, creative journey for our clients. To start, we’ll bring you material samples based on our research of you and any information you’ve shared with us. We order our materials through some of the most sought-after suppliers around the world. What this means for you is that there are tons of quality materials and designs to choose from, and with our team’s guidance and expertise you’ll never feel directionless or overwhelmed by options. We’re there at every step, asking questions, offering suggestions, and sharing our knowledge of the feel and behavior of each material. Once we’ve settled on the design and begun the build, you’re free to drop in at any time and view its progress. We also offer “green” alternatives to traditional materials for those interested in a more environmentally gentle build.

Will it be a party bus?

A quiet home away from home?

A rolling studio? Or a mixture of all three?

Will it have dark fabrics and dark walls, or do you prefer a brighter living space?

You decide the look and feel – we’ll handle the nuts and bolts.

If you’re interested in working with us to design a coach that’s tailored to your unique needs and tastes, or if you just want to hear a little more about our process

contact Wayne Linder for more details and pricing options